Arpèges en Fenouillèdes

Arpèges en Fenouillèdes is an association created back in 2011 that aims to promote culture across the Fenouillèdes area of our region.

Art exhibitions, book presentations, theatre productions, cinema screenings… they organise a whole host of events during the year.

Le Printemps d’Arpèges 2019

Each springtime, they organise a jazz festival, le Printemps d’Arpèges, bringing established names and exciting new talent to venues in the Fenouillèdes.

Estivales 2019

During the summer, 8 concerts covering a variety of genres are the perfect excuse to get out and (re)discover the Fenouillèdes area.

Price per concert : 15€

Or sign up to be part of the association for 8€ and benefit from member prices of 7€ per concert

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