Good things don’t always come in small packages! Most spiders are pretty harmless to humans. In fact, only four are known to be dangerous, one of these being ’la recluse brun’ (brown recluse spider, fiddleback, or also known as the violin spider due to its shape and markings) mentioned in P-O Life last year when spotted in the Gard and Herault departments, where two people were bitten last summer, needing emergency treatment.

And if you just let out the breath you were holding accompanied by a ‘phew’ of relief, take another deep one.

This year several have been seen in the P-O! One man was hospitalized in Perpignan when a bite became infected and another was spotted in Pollestres.

This venomous spider is not aggressive, and mostly avoids confrontation – but its bite is undoubtedly worse than its bark and you will have no warning that it is reclining in your underwear until it bites!

Reactions to a brown recluse bite vary depending on the individual and the amount of venom injected, but you are advised to pay a visit to your local A&E if any symptoms start to develop (pain at bite site, severe itching, nausea, vomiting, fever, muscle pain…..) to be on the safe side.

Google ’brown recluse spiders’ if you really want to find out more….but remember that sometimes ignorance can be bliss!!

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