Coco is back!!!! She arrived half an hour ago, dirty and tired but alive and home!! I’m so happy, this week has been awful! A huge thank you to everyone who gave their support and shared Coco’s information. We’ll never know what happened for sure but you sure can’t take a mountain dog out of the mountain, she’ll always find her way home!


Coco (Arles-sur-Tech) has not been seen since yesterday afternoon. Although she does her own thing here in the mountains she never goes far or for long and she NEVER misses a meal – now she’s missed two.

I’m worried someone has seen her on the track and ‘rescued’ her. She is micro-chipped. If you hear of someone finding a patou please contact me, Sharon Thomas,  on 06 04 07 03 65. I miss her terribly,

It’s possible my dog was in Banyuls-dels-Aspres Sunday evening perhaps chucked out of the car when the person had second thoughts? In that case could those living in the Aspres/plaine regions let me know if they see or hear of a Patou/Montagne des Pyrénées on the loose.

She was seen in the vines at Montesquieu yesterday (Tuesday) ! I think she’s heading for the mountains

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