A mild winter, a cold and wet spring, and a cold June have lead to a poor, lower standard fruit harvest. Don’t be surprised if prices are high and quality is low this year as the standard of fruit and veg takes a hit throughout France.

According to ‘Agreste’ (Ministère De L’agriculture, De L’agroalimentaire Et De La Forêt), the worst hit fruits will be our very own apricots and peaches, so important to the Roussillon region.

The harvest for both of these popular fruits is down drastically compared to past years, opening up the market for foreign imports, from countries whose weather has fared better this year.

The cherry crop had also suffered this year, not because of the weather but from bugs! France’s health and safety agency  withdrew the license and banned all dimethoate-based pesticides, in February, following government concerns over consumer health.

Commonly used in orchards after harvest for control of the cherry fruit fly,  farmers are having to look for an alternative.

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