Flordaki: the gift of health and well-being

As is this case with most people who visit or live in the P-O, Anne-Céline from Flordaki in Thuir instantly felt the magic of this region, nestled between mountains and sea.

The Flordaki concept was inspired by the P-O’s outstanding beauty and tranquillity, harnessing the power of nature to bring health and well-being to residents and visitors.

The boutique itself is a haven of calm, combining locally made cosmetics, beautiful mineral jewellery and a well-being space.


Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift and a bit of R&R for yourself, Flordaki has something for everyone.

  • Essential oils
  • Gift sets
  • Crystal & stone jewellery
  • Massages
  • Reflexology
  • Stress management


Did you know?

Lithotherapy refers to the belief that imperceptible vibrations are emitted by naturally-occurring stones and crystals. The different vibrations resonate with different energy points within the body, stimulating organs or bodily functions. Wearing or carrying the correct stone, or combination of stones, can help to gently bring balance to your physical and mental well-being.



Tel: 06 88 11 69 83

Email: contact@flordaki.fr

Website: www.fantastictalismans.com

Address: 5 bis rue Graffan (opposite Caves Byrrh) 66300 Thuir

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