by Josie Tanner


Writing from warm and toasty Tucson, Arizona, we just wish to express our absolute appreciation for wonderful Banyuls!

It is such a quaint, interesting vacation spot to enjoy! The Mediterranean Sea, with sometimes rough waters and a sandy beach offers travelers like us a chance to see the force of the sea, while picturing the rough built boats that once were in that harbour.

Downtown Banyuls is a fun visit with its interesting little shops and delightful restaurants.

While on one of our trips there visiting friends, we were invited to sit in a local adult class learning the English Language. Meeting those  residents wanting to learn English was an awesome experience. We still remember their names and their quest to learn.

The location of  Banyuls is a plus for travelers, although traveling those winding roads was a bit startling at first. But residents just put the car in the “Go Mode” and GO! So unlike the US highways and interstate roads!

We have not driven a car there yet, but maybe, just maybe, someday we will.

The location offers so many options to visit. We brought a bit of historic Carcassonne home with us in pictures and souvenirs, marveling over this historic medieval fortified town.


Collioure’s Market was a great treat, and shopping in Gariguella was fun for us.

Your train service to Paris and later to Barcelona proved to be a memorable experience as well.


At one point on one of your trains the train the driver shouted Papillion over and over and everyone quickly hopped off the train with their belongings. We English speakers did not know what was happening! In English a Papillion is a dog…but after some stressful moments my husband realised he was saying Perpignan………NOT Papillion! So we jumped off and joined the rest of the travelers on the next train.


Yes – traveling to the South of France and to Spain has been the most memorable of vacation trips. We hope to be back soon! Missing the croque  madame, and sherbert stuffed oranges in Rosas. But most of all we miss our friends. Yes we do.

Josie Tanner

PS Thanks for giving me an opportunity to discuss a bit of our travel fun. We actually did take a French Class at a local college but the instructor was so proficient in French we couldn’t understand what was being said.

We always carry a French Dictionary with us though!

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