Press release from the Casa de la Generalitat


Fire in the Pyrenees-Orientales

Fire at the bottom of Le Perthus
(Photo credit: Paul Francis)

After the fatal fire that burned fourteen thousand acres of Alt Empordà, it is time to rebuild. It will take time, finance and human resources. For this, the District Council of Alt Empordà has launched a public appeal for solidarity, to local authorities, associations, sports clubs, artists and, of course, anyone would like to help personally. This solidarity can be shown via cash donations,  certain types of equipment, organization of events to help raise funds but also through the professional expertise of technicians (foresters, agronomists, biologists, etc.).

In the past, the Empordà and Roussillon have been subjected to fire which has spread on both sides of the border. This time, the fire has affected only the south, but solidarity from Northern Catalonia, has been immediate and spontaneous. Anyone wishing to participate in the rebuilding of the Catalan comarca can do so through an official website specially designed for this purpose- Foc-Empordà whose address is: This site outlines what is needed and will channel all offers of help that are made.

For more information, please contact the Casa de la Generalitat: 04 68 35 17 14,

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