Incentive allowance for old boilers


The ministry of ‘Ecologie,  Développement durable,  Transports et  Lodgement has updated scrapping incentive for oil and  gas fired boilers  older than 15 years.

A maximum incentive bonus of €1,300 is available towards the replacement of older boiler model with  a new Class 5 wood-fired heating boiler. This move to improve the energy efficiency Is mainly directed at low income homes who used more than 10% of their budget on heating and water.

Retailers taking part will display a logo  “prime à la casse des chaudières” and you can find a list of approved suppliers on the ministry’s website. The allowance is paid either as a one off payment or as a credit note off fuel deliveries or gas bill, and the offer is valid until the end of December 2011.

Information provided by ‘Service Public’


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