It’s a Blogger’s World- Share Yours!

The phenomena of blogging had exploded onto our screens long before the coronavirus crisis.

They are a link to the outside world, to something beyond our own four walls… to people other than our immediate family, pets or reflections in the mirror!

Voyeurism, curiosity, escapism… whatever the reason behind their popularity, blogs are a huge part of everyday life and here at P-O Life, we have a number of resident bloggers.

  1. Amateur wine expert, Tony Goodman provides a weekly round up, entitled Out and About, (although during lockdown we renamed this Staying at Home.)
  2. Simon Bridges shares his thoughts of his own P-O Life in a weekly Simon Says.
  3. Leone Crinnion shares her monthly Observations of a Newcomer to Saint Cyprien, comparing the blue skies and sunshine to the hustle and bustle of her ‘other life’ in Paris.

You can access all the previous blog posts by typing the titles into the search function of our homepage.

We know, however, that many of readers run their own blogs and as such, if you think your musings could be interesting, useful or entertaining to other P-O readers, please do share!

Send us an introductory paragraph to your latest posts, along with a link to your blog, to and we will feature them here for all the world to see, well the English-speaking world linked to the region anyway!

Reevaluate your competitve advantage

By Gillian from

As we start to see a flicker of light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel’s first wave it has led us to ponder what the new ‘normal’ will be. How will our businesses recover after months of closure, furlough and for industries such as the Hospitality & Tourism sector how can they recoup their momentous 2020 losses? Is it possible that it is time for a mighty shake up; out with the old and in with the new?

Our Library of Minds Coach, Gavin Tiffin, gives us an insight into what the Hospitality & Tourism sector could be doing to regain competitive advantage moving forwards with some surprising revelations for Management & Recruitment professionals alike.

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Amidst insecurities

By Ansua from

These are times when I feel equally sad and frightened. The current happenings in US cities are, if anything, a truthful presentation of the condition of our society.  It fills me with deep sadness to see the desperation that in search for justice goes berserk. I find it hard not to judge and yet, and yet, there has been wrong deeds for too long. There has been corruption, indignity, exploitation for too long. In different forms, in different countries but always the same crime.

And when today people rise, they do so because to raise voices is a human right. It is only when the indignation is misplaced that we lose our dignified focus. That is when destruction happens. Not just to material things but to us as well, our ideas, our beliefs. It takes courage to protest, but it takes more courage to not go on a rampage.

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Call the manager!

By Caroline from

I don’t think anybody, whether owners or renters, realise quite how much hard work running rental properties can be.  So I will tell you!
Most of the properties I manage are ‘second-homes’ belonging to people who want to earn a bit of money from them while they are not using them.  They hand me the keys, tell me which months/weeks are available, and I sort everything out for them.  If the properties are empty (ie often over the winter) it is simply a question of making regular visits to check that all is well and to sort out any maintenance issues, summer is a different matter!

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Adventures au Pays Catalans

By Camden from

I woke up in the dark, sunlight barely peaking through the window. I reached over to my nightstand to check my phone. The blaring screen told me it was still too early; I could go back to sleep for a little bit. My body always tries to beat my alarm every time there is something exciting happening the next day and this day was no exception.

A simple beach trip might not seem like the most exciting event in the world. Yet, after two months of staying inside and coping with a pandemic in a foreign country, this little day trip was what I was looking forward to most of all.

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Sounds of Saturday

By Rick from

Walking Sherlock in the early morn …

… the rat-a-tat-tat of the neighbourhood woodpecker, carving his favourite tree
… happy songbirds in the trees
… the coo of a mourning dove, calling its mate
… the whirr of the leash line playing out as Sherlock runs ahead
… the stutter of the retraction as he pauses and I catch up
… the jingle of his harness hardware when he shakes his whole body
… a hay-fevered-triggered sneeze

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By D-L from

Long before minimalism became the IN-Thing, I was a minimalist. I wanted nothing in my life that wasn’t one or more of these three things: useful, beautiful, contained a memory. I never want two of things if one will do. I prefer to have things that can do double duty. Scissors replace a lot of household tools and do a better job, for example.

On the other hand I have a weakness for pens. I won’t use the normal pens you buy by the dozen. They add clutter.

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