It’s a Blogger’s World- Share Yours!

The phenomena of blogging had exploded onto our screens long before the coronavirus crisis.

They are a link to the outside world, to something beyond our own four walls… to people other than our immediate family, pets or reflections in the mirror!

Voyeurism, curiosity, escapism… whatever the reason behind their popularity, blogs are a huge part of everyday life and here at P-O Life, we have a number of resident bloggers.

  1. Amateur wine expert, Tony Goodman provides a weekly round up, during lockdown named Staying at Home.and when movement is permitted, entitled Out and About,
  2. Leone Crinnion shares her monthly Observations of a Newcomer to Saint Cyprien, comparing the blue skies and sunshine to the hustle and bustle of her ‘other life’ in Paris.
  3. Christine Parker details her and her husband Tim’s Tale of a Love Affair with the P-O, from buying a house 17 years ago, through to navigating lockdown.
  4. Marian Thornley shares her top yoga tips for dealing with confinement in Yoga during a Pandemic

You can access all the previous blog posts by typing the titles into the search function of our homepage.

We know, however, that many of readers run their own blogs and as such, if you think your musings could be interesting, useful or entertaining to other P-O readers, please do share!

Send us an introductory paragraph to your latest posts, along with a link to your blog, to and we will feature them here for all the world to see, well the English-speaking world linked to the region anyway!


By Gillian from

This week I have put together a list of all the FAQs I get asked when writing CVs. I’ve taken both English & French CVs into consideration when answering so you get a more rounded view…Here are some of my answers to those all important CV Writing Questions

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Onion ring?

By Loulou from

Breaking news!

There appears to be a new ring of criminals threatening to make us all cry…

Hey, maybe a cage in the kitchen?

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By DL from

Americans hate the word socialism.


I wouldn’t live in any country that isn’t fairly to very socialistic. I’m talking about the failed societies but the successful ones in Europe that vary in the degree of socialism.

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Life balance

By Rick from

Aside from the who-knows-when-it-will-end-we-could-die-anytime pandemic and the inability to travel so see family/friends or eat in restaurants, we are fortunate to have pretty much everything we need in life.

We live in two amazing and quite different places: the very international mid-size city of Geneva, Switzerland and the very quaint small village of Argelès sur Mer in the far south of France. Both feature an array of postcard scenery, mountains (Alps, Jura, Pyrenees), water (Lac Leman, the Med) and plains/plateau (sufficient for a few golf courses).

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Vaccination tick tock

By David from

Tick Tock ; the wait is excruciating. Vaccination offers us the way out from Covid ; but how long will it be ?

Tick Toch; time and Covid move relentlessly on . Every day approximately 7000 people are dying and countless numbers infected. The only response available to Governments has been distancing and lockdowns , supported in various degrees by its populations .

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10 hidden gems in the South of France

By Camden from

There’s a famous saying in French that goes “there’s Paris and there’s the rest.” Although Paris is pretty fantastic, “the rest” has a lot to offer! One of the best parts about living in different regions of France over the past four years, is that I’ve got to visit so many places I may never have discovered if I had just stayed in Paris.

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    I have many references who have used all three recipes, some for years.
    If your readers are interesting, please enjoy them and leave a comment.
    I don’t know if they actually go in the Blog section of your lovely PO LIFE.
    But I think whoever reads this will enjoy them.

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