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The phenomena of blogging had exploded onto our screens long before the coronavirus crisis.

They are a link to the outside world, to something beyond our own four walls… to people other than our immediate family, pets or reflections in the mirror!

Voyeurism, curiosity, escapism… whatever the reason behind their popularity, blogs are a huge part of everyday life and we know that many of readers run their own blogs. As such, if you think your musings could be interesting, useful or entertaining to other P-O readers, please do share!

Send us an introductory paragraph to your latest posts, along with a link to your blog, to and we will feature them here for all the world to see, well the English-speaking world linked to the region anyway!

Embracing change

By Gillian from

After a tumultuous few weeks and an action packed past year I now reflect on what I could have done differently. In this month’s blog I talk very personally about the need to embrace change in our lives and the importance of being present. I’ve added some tips that might help you to get through a difficult point in your lives and how to stop focusing intently on one thing whilst other opportunities may be passing you by.

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Cannon fodder

By DL from

When I was pregnant, it was during the heyday of the Vietnam War. My husband only wanted a son, but I secretly was hoping for a girl.

There were two reasons. My younger brother was a horrible child regularly disturbing the home. To this day when someone has a boy, I feel a moment of sadness if the birth of a boy is announced along with gratitude the infant is healthy. Granted, some have turned into lovely children and adults that I’ve developed good relationships with or admire.

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Oh I do like to…

By David from

… be doing Yoga beside the sea . Well I would like to , but there was no way I was going to try and match the two lithe young ladies doing their ‘ sun salutations ‘ at Sardine bay  ; or to give it its proper name : Plage de L’Ouille . Our name comes from the main dish at the local  summer restaurant , and location of the limit of our physical activity .

It was fabulous Monday spring morning, which had banished the thoughts of the last two weeks of rain . So we set off on our favourite walk along the coastal path  from Plage de Racou to Collioure. There was absolutely no wind, so the sea was a blue mirror; it look enticing . However the thousands of boats remained in their marinas , that perfect sea left to two lobster fisher men , and the marine police launch . As there was absolutely no other activity , I can only assume that that the boys in blue were out to shake off the winter cobwebs.

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Moon commune

By Loulou from

Well, this is my selfie today. I was having a little tete a tete with Mr Moon last week and had mama do a “shoot”…. Today is Ukrainian Easter and mama is making their bread, laced with raisins and to be served with a rich cheese called pashka.  But we didn’t have the ingredients for the cheese…sigh. Mama says it doesn’t bother her.

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