It’s a Blogger’s World- Share Yours!

The phenomena of blogging had exploded onto our screens long before the coronavirus crisis.

They are a link to the outside world, to something beyond our own four walls… to people other than our immediate family, pets or reflections in the mirror!

Voyeurism, curiosity, escapism… whatever the reason behind their popularity, blogs are a huge part of everyday life and here at P-O Life, we have a number of resident bloggers.

  1. Amateur wine expert, Tony Goodman provides a weekly round up, entitled Out and About, (although during lockdown we renamed this Staying at Home.)
  2. Simon Bridges shares his thoughts of his own P-O Life in a weekly Simon Says.
  3. Leone Crinnion shares her monthly Observations of a Newcomer to Saint Cyprien, comparing the blue skies and sunshine to the hustle and bustle of her ‘other life’ in Paris.

You can access all the previous blog posts by typing the titles into the search function of our homepage.

We know, however, that many of readers run their own blogs and as such, if you think your musings could be interesting, useful or entertaining to other P-O readers, please do share!

Send us an introductory paragraph to your latest posts, along with a link to your blog, to and we will feature them here for all the world to see, well the English-speaking world linked to the region anyway!

FREE 7 day online masterclass

By Gillian from

Are you stuck in a job that you no longer love or can’t see a future in? Are you unsure about how to move to the next level of your career and get the promotion you have always wanted? Have you been made redundant or furloughed as a result of Covid 19? Are you feeling a bit lost in life and not sure who you are anymore?

Our 7-day online masterclass is exclusively for you. It is an intensive, action packed yet redefining online programme with interactive exercises, networking opportunities and so much more.

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By Ansua from

We break so easily,
like brittle autumn leaves
that crunch below the feet
in the deep woods.

As the trees turn from green
to red and yellow,
I crawl into the earth
to protect our hearts
from the storms raging outside.

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Still enjoying summer

By Caroline from

I have been spending most of September lying on a sun-lounger by the pool (and to be honest, most of July and August too…!).  Normally I think of my September ‘holiday’ as a well-earned break after a hectic summer of running holiday rental properties.  Most Saturdays would find me hurtling between several villas checking that the cleaners had turned up, making sure there were enough basic provisions for guests (loo rolls & washing up liquid for the 3* properties, welcome packs of cheese and wine for the 4* properties), doing ‘meet and greets’ or making sure the keys were hidden in the right place etc.  

On Sundays I would usually get at least 1 ‘call-out’ from a guest who had already lost the key or lacked the basic skills to work the washing machine.  During the week I would call in to meet the guests I hadn’t met on the Saturday, picking my way around shiny sun-burned bodies and beer bottles scattered around the pools. But not this year…

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The towel dryer is the new bidet

By Karen from

The summer after college I went to France. It was first time I’d ever encountered a bidet — that low, oblong basin poised beside every toilet. You never saw one without the other. Together, they were the C-3PO and R2D2 of French bathroom fixtures. At first, I mistook the bidet for a foot sink. What else could it be for? You settle in on the john, hoist your feet into the bidet and give them a wash while taking a pee. Brilliant time-saver, I thought. I was very young then, and didn’t realize the French weren’t as obsessed with time-saving devices as Americans.

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A fungus amongst us

By Loulou from


Well, in this house, fungi are favorites!  Mama makes a mushroom risotto that at least I get to sniff. No sweet onions, no white wine, no chicken broth (made with onions) or fungi for me.


BUT…sometimes a sniff is as good as a savor, right?

Wrong, no way, but what the heck.

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Why… a dozen reasons

By DL from

Why do women seek an abortion? In the year I spent researching abortion before Roe v Wade, I came up with a list of the most common reasons.

An unwanted pregnancy has no good solutions. A woman determined to end the pregnancy will find a way. If she has money she can travel to where it is safe. If she’s poor she will find a way, many that will kill her or leave her unable to have children.

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Seeing the world we want to see

By Rick from

Reality can be harsh. Change can be difficult. Life can be unfair.

Many people today want to deny that the coronavirus is a problem. Or that it even exists. They want life to be as it was only a few months ago. No masks. No hand sanitiser. No “social” distancing. Kids in school. People at work. Shopping. Sports. Movies. Travel wherever we want. No sickness and death.

I’d like that too. I miss being able to hug a friend. I still instinctively go to shake hands when meeting a new or old friend. I cringe when people stand too close to each other, talking (expelling droplets) without masks.

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Adventures au pays catalans : cycling from city to sea

By Camden from

I woke up in the dark, sunlight barely peaking through the window. I reached over to my nightstand to check my phone. The blaring screen told me it was still too early; I could go back to sleep for a little bit. My body always tries to beat my alarm every time there is something exciting happening the next day and this day was no exception. A simple beach trip might not seem like the most exciting event in the world. Yet, after two months of staying inside and coping with a pandemic in a foreign country, this little day trip was what I was looking forward to most of all.

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Wildlife at home

By David from www.argelè

One of the joys of living in the countryside is being closer to nature. Clearing the dense undergrowth around us has opened up the fields to wildflowers, bees and birds.

But not all is straightforward. Wildlife sets its own boundaries , not ours.

The bird population has been encouraged by nest boxes and copious feeding ; peanuts and fat-balls are now purchased in 30kg lots. This is not enough and they also partake of our efforts with fruit production. Netting will be a must for next year.

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