It’s a Blogger’s World- Share Yours!

The phenomena of blogging had exploded onto our screens long before the coronavirus crisis.

They are a link to the outside world, to something beyond our own four walls… to people other than our immediate family, pets or reflections in the mirror!

Voyeurism, curiosity, escapism… whatever the reason behind their popularity, blogs are a huge part of everyday life and here at P-O Life, we have a number of resident bloggers.

  1. Artist, columnist and chef, Suzanne Dunaway, gets your taste buds tingling with a weekly local recipe in Food for Thought
  2. Amateur wine expert, Tony Goodman provides a fortnightly round up, during lockdown named Staying at Home and now that movement is permitted again, entitled Out and About,
  3. Leone Crinnion shares her monthly Observations of a Newcomer to Saint Cyprien, comparing the blue skies and sunshine to the hustle and bustle of her ‘other life’ in Paris.

We know, however, that many of readers run their own blogs and as such, if you think your musings could be interesting, useful or entertaining to other P-O readers, please do share!

Send us an introductory paragraph to your latest posts, along with a link to your blog, to and we will feature them here for all the world to see, well the English-speaking world linked to the region anyway!

Job application preparation

By Gillian from

This week’s Blog is my Top 6 Tips on how to prepare to land your Dream Job based on recent experience with a client. Professional Job Applications.  Learn what you have been doing wrong all these years and how to make sure you are as prepared as you can be at all stages of the process, from application through to 2nd interview.

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Artful Zs

By Loulou from

It’s important to get in the right frame of mind for this.  (Frame of mind photo above.)

Well, some of you are aware of this, but only if you have four paws, haha.  I can’t speak for those two-clawed, 10-fingered creatures or slinky sliders and rattlers or, for example, those guys with 8 or 100 legs, whatever they are!

To get to the point, snoozing is an art.  A FINE art.  Make that A FINE ART.

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RIP dumb phone

By DL from

I am about to replace my Swiss dumb phone bought before there were smart phones.

I do have a smart phone for my French life. I detest it.

I am not a Luddite. I’m on my third website. I use my laptop at a minimum six hours a day on most day.

It’s the telephone part I hate.  I consider the phone number a secret equivalent of the CIA, released only to those that I most love.

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Whatever re-floats your boat

By Rick from

Time to regroup and recalculate the next phase of our lives.

We thought we were getting past the virus. We got vaxxed, as many people were doing, things were opening back up again, we were even planning some travel this fall.

We are scheduled to go to Scotland for a few days in October. Until news today said covid cases have doubled there in the past week.

In Berlin, where I am supposed to go in early November for a conference, there are large-scale protests by those who think masks and other requirements are too strict. Also, the EU is restricting travel by US-based citizens, which means some of my colleagues may not be allowed in to work the event.

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By David from

The sunlight  had turned the water droplets on the fruit cage into a jewel encrusted spectacle . The trees had been washed clean of their summer dust , leaves ,a freshness hanging in the morning stillness . A day of the first rain in over 6 weeks had transformed all around into a kaleidoscope. I set off around  the fields exploring those colours , with Donovan’s song reverberating within my cranium .

Green is the colour of …. our new sprung grass in this morning. Its almost miraculous how a day’s rain had transformed apparently dead yellow into green shoots .

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