…. a weekly update of local news in the Pyrenees-Orientales

With Caroline Hill



Neo-nazis in the P-O?  Authorities were on the alert last weekend after several social-network websites intimated that an extremely unpleasant right-wing group of skinheads known as TheHammerskins were planning a large meeting in the Perpignan area.  Some small groups were seen around Canet but apparently the main meeting was eventually held around Montpellier.


Prisoner attacks warder – A prisoner in Perpignan Penitentiary Centre asked a prison warder to bring his suitcase to the cell, and beat him around the head when his request was refused.  This is just one of many recent attacks which are perhaps due to the stress of over-crowding – at least 36 cells now have an extra mattress installed meaning prisoners are sleeping 3 to a cell.


Telephone lines cut – Last weekend the residents of Caudies-de-Fenouilledes were cut off from the outside world when copper telephone cables were cut and stolen.  This is the 17th time in just a few months.


Conseil Regional Languedoc-Roussillon – Among the 130 pages of the latest accounts, severalitems make interesting reading:  Why has 31,654 euros been spent on bed-linen, who has been drinking the 89 bottles of wine opened daily and why is the budget for the Memorial Museum atRivesaltes over 22million euros when the Exile Museum at La Jonquera cost just 2.3million euros?


Cherries sent to President – Ceret’s traditional presentation of the first cherries of the season have been sent to the Elysee Palace.


Marine le Pen injured – The President of the National Front fell into her empty swimming pool atMillas last weekend, fracturing a bone in her spine.  Despite tweeting ‘no drama’ she has had to cancel several meetings.


Body found after fire in Garage – Firemen called to a fire in a garage in Brouilla discovered the dead body of a woman inside.  It is as yet unknown whether the 64 year old house-holder died through accident, suicide or foul play and an inquiry has been opened.


Ille-sur-Tet burglaries – 3 young men have been arrested following several aggravated burglaries during the winter months.  One incident involved an armed robbery at Le Pain du Jour on 3rd of January where an employee was injured after receiving several blows to the head.


Follow-up to spring storms – the flooding and wave damage caused by the intemperate weather on March 5, 6 and 7th this year has been officially deemed a ‘natural catastrophe’, which will have interesting consequences on the insurance claims in the affected communes.


New Recycling Initiative – Householders are being advised to keep chickens in an attempt to minimise the amount of kitchen waste sent to the incinerator.  One chicken can eat 150kg of waste food per year (also producing around 250 eggs).  Baho is the first commune to participate in the scheme, where 22 families have taken up the offer of 2 free chickens, a sack of grain and a feeder.  Other communes have already expressed an interest in the scheme.


And finally……


Happy Mother’s Day – this Sunday!






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