3 More speed traps in the P-O 3

A further three ‘radars’ are to be installed and activated in the region by the end of 2009, making twenty all together. The first, already set up but not yet activated, will be level with the château de Valmy on the RD914, direction south to north, in the commune of Argelès. Also to be installed this year, on the RD117 at Cases-de-Pène and the RD900 near Perpignan prison.
The prefecture is also intending to install radars on traffic lights to catch red light ‘jumpers’

According to government figures, there are 511 flashes per day in our region, 250 of which are on the A9 motorway (direction Spain to Perpignan) which is situated
about 2km from the frontier just
after the Viaduc du Pox behind the brown Vallespir sign. Although it is a motorway, the speed limit on that section is 110km/hr as opposed to the usual 130km, definitely one to watch if you have spent
30 minutes queuing to get through the Douanes into France and then
you put your foot down!! In 2008, this speed trap flashed 91,220 vehicles!
[(There is a specific phone number (French only) to ring,
if you have any questions resulting from being “flashed”
Tel: 08 11 10 20 30.
To check out speed traps throughout France,
visit [www.securiteroutiere.gouv.fr->www.securiteroutiere.gouv.fr])]

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