Neowise Comet visible in the P-O skies

Visible with the naked eye, the comet Neowise is currently visible in the night skies over the Pyrénées-Orientales.

Discovered by the American Neowise telescope (hence the name) on the 27th March 2020, the comet has been visible here from 10th July and will remain in our skies until the end of the month.

Made of ice and dust, as it approaches the Sun, the ice melts and the dust is released, creating the signature tail that creates such a fabulous spectacle.

Best viewed just before sunrise, between 4am and 4.30am, it’ll be the early birds that catch this worm, although sightings have been reported at the more sociable hours of sunset too.

If you’re looking in the evening, you need to search the skies to the north-east, if you’re looking in the morning, the comet will be visible in the north-west. On both occasions, it will be low to the horizon.

Light pollution and weather conditions can obviously interfere with sightings but if you find a good spot and the Tram keeps the clouds away, Thursday 23rd July is when the comet will pass closest to the Earth, meaning this is your best chance at a good view.

If anyone manages to catch a glimpse, we’d love to hear about it and see/share any photos you manage to take!

Here are a selection of images from around the P-O shared on the Internet…

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