Prats de Mollo

Prats de molloOnly 13 kilometers away from the Spanish border, situated on the south face of the Canigou,this walled town is a delight of narrow cobbled streets and ancient medieval architecture. With only 1,100 inhabitants, it nevertheless boasts numerous hotels, restaurants and cafés, the narrow streets forming terraces linked together by stairways and passages.

Forte Laguarde

A covered walkway leads directly from the town to Fort Laguarde, an impressive fort built by Marshall Vauban in 1683 to strengthen the town’s defences. Its position also makes it ideal as a starting point for endless walking and climbing itineraries.

La PresteOnly a few kilometres away lies La Preste a spa town famous throughout Europe for its waters and treatment of urinary infections and related diseases. In the 14th century, people with leprosy used to bathe in the ’Leper’s pool’ to help to relieve their symtoms.
The spa also offers health and fitness programmes.


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