Ryanair Launches 1 million €1 Seat Sale

3 Travel in late Oct & Nov 3

Ryanair has announced that from midnight (24:00hrs, 5th Oct) it released 1 million seats at an all inclusive price of €1 for travel in late Oct and Nov. These €1 “all in” fares will be available on over 500 of Ryanair’s European routes but must be booked on [www.ryanair.com->www.ryanair.com] before midnight (24:00hrs) Thursday (8th Oct).
Ryanair’s €1 tickets include all taxes and charges so passengers who chose to avoid discretionary fees by paying with Visa Electron, travel with carry on luggage only and forego priority boarding can book, check in online and fly for this advertised €1 fare (Tues,Wed,Thurs).

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