Ryanair Prices Rises


Ryanair prices are expected to rise by up to 150 per cent in 2012, with the price of checking in a bag without pre booking going up to as much as €100 – up 150 per cent, checking in a 15kg bag rises from €15 to €25 the cost of a second bag rings in at £45, although Ryanair say “Over 70 per cent of Ryanair passengers will be unaffected by these changes as they already travel with no checked-in bags.”
In fact, Ryanair’s baggage allowance is also less generous than most other airlines, as others have been quick to point out. EasyJet has no maximum, and British Airways allows a laptop or handbag as well as the hand luggage, and a weight limit of 23kg, in contrast with the 10kg allowed by Ryanair.
Many of us have learnt to our cost that Ryanair enforces its limits strictly. This year, passengers who exceed the size or weight allowance will be ‘fined’ €40 to carry their luggage .

For a low fare airline, several of Ryanair’s summer flights so far posted appear to be the same or in some cases, more expensive than its nearest rivals, EasyJet, and British Airways.

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