You may have seen on the television news yesterday, that a soldier, Tom Jennings, who was with the SBS, and his RAF companion, were blown up in Afganistan three days before Christmas, both were killed.

Tom is the only son and child of Mike Jennings, a resident of St Genis des Fontaines, who some of you will know. Mike used to own the little pottery shop just off the square in St Genis.

Mike is unemployed and lives in penury and is of course, devestated, as you can imagine He’s worried that he does not have the money to return to the UK, both for the funeral and to console his Daughter in Law and his two Grandchildren.

I unashamedly ask you to donate to him any sums of money that you can afford, so that he can get back for the funeral in Bournemouth, when Toms remains are repatriated. It will be an expensive, circuitous journey!

Please send or drop off at my place, any money that you can afford. Please make cheques payable to:’ Mike Jennings’ and send, c/o Le Bon Sejour, 33 Residence les Deux Chenes, 66740, St Genis des Fontaines.

I thank you on Mikes behalf, in advance.


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