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The ‘Miss Roussillon’ curse continues – Firstly there was the unsolved disappearance in July of Allison Benitez, a candidate in this year’s competition, followed by the suicide of a candidate of the 2012 competition on September 10th.  And now, tragically comes the news that a 20 year old man from Pia was found hanged at his mother’s house in Pia having left a note saying that he could not cope with the loss of his friend.
3 burglaries in the same street in Argeles-sur-Mer – Two young men have been sentenced to 1 month in prison and 80 hours of community service for carrying out burglaries in Argeles.  On the first night they broke into a house where the owners were absent, helped themselves to food and drink (and two bicycles) and spent the night there.  They repeated their actions in two other houses in the same street over the next two evenings (apart from stealing bicycles).
Miss a turn and go to Jail – The driver of a  car with Spanish plates was stopped at Le Perthus and found to have 4 Guinean nationals on board.  The passengers had no paperwork and claimed not to know each other and said that they had been put in touch with the driver by an intermediary and had paid around 100 euros each to be taken from Barcelona to France.  The driver insisted that he had picked them up as hitch-hikers and had intended to drop them off in Girona but had ‘missed the turning’ and just found himself at the frontier.  The passengers were returned to Spain and the driver has been held in custody – and relieved of the 3000euros found on him.
Unlucky for some – On the evening of Friday 13th several cars were set alight in the centre of Perpignan.  In total 6 cars were targeted but the fires spread to other vehicles and also damaged a building in the centre of the old town.  An inquiry is underway.
Young pedestrian killed near Salses – A local man was driving along the D900 in the direction of Spain on Friday night when he accidentally ran over and killed a 33 year old pedestrian.  The driver tested negative for alcohol and an enquiry is underway as to why the man was walking at 11pm on an unlit road, with dark clothing.
‘We are probably looking for bodies’ – police investigating the disappearance of Allison and her mother Marie-Josée Benitez admit that the chances of them being found alive are very slim.  This week teams with tracker dogs have been searching a sector of Port Leucate.
And finally….
Cold school dinner on Tuesday – sad news for the children of the Collége in Toulouges who had to miss out on ‘Paupiette de Veau et rouste grillé sur lit de semoule et brocolis’ as the dinner ladies were on strike and only offered a cold meal.  Probably foie gras….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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