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Accused of killing his lodger – The discovery of a dead body in the hallway of a residential building in Perpignan has led to the arrest of the man who gave him lodging.  The accused stated that he had taken in the ‘homeless’ man but that he was unable to cope with his alcoholism.  There had been a furious row and he admitted hitting the man over the head with a towel rail before throwing him out of his apartment but said that he was fully conscious and denies killing him.
3 years in prison for death threats – The ex-boyfriend of a Perpignan woman surprised her as she left her office and insisted that she get into his car.  There he made threats on her life, and that of her family, and pointed a gun at her.  At first she kept quiet, fearing reprisals, but finally she went to the police who, on discovering that he already had convictions for carrying arms, arrested him on his way to work – and found him to be carrying a loaded gun.
The ultimate wedding present – Knowing that her fiancé Frederick was extremely ill and needed regular dialysis, Isabelle had no hesitation in offering herself for testing to see if by any chance her kidney would be a good match for a transplant.  Happily for the couple tests proved that is was a good match, the operation has been carried out and they have celebrated by getting married.
Young jewel thiefs caught – The headmaster of the Lycée in Ceret was so intrigued to find some youths in the middle of selling jewellery outside the school that he called the police.  It was very soon established that the seller, from Thuir, had on his possession a large quantity of jewellery which had been stolen during a robbery in Thuir several days ago.  Four youths have been summoned to appear at the juvenile court.
Violence in Court – Chaos ensued when two arch-rivals who had been in trouble for fighting 3 years ago found themselves face to face in the cells as they awaited trial.  A fight broke out and one of them was taken to hospital with a swollen face and bruised ribs after the other one ‘jumped on her with both feet’.  The trial has been postponed.
Mystery of car fires in Perpignan – 3 cars were destroyed by fire and one badly damaged in the St Martin district of Perpignan.  One of the cars was owned by a handicapped lady and parked in a designated space.
Family of drug traffickers arrested – A police investigation centred around the sale of drugs around the coast-line between Canet and St. Marie has resulted in the arrest of a 36 year old man, his wife, his father, his brother and two associates.  Police stopped and searched their car on their way back from one of their regular trips to Spain and despite finding nothing, had enough evidence to suggest that they were carrying drugs internally.  This proved to be the case – and a search of their house uncovered heroin, cannabis, cash and 5 guns.  The ‘family business’ had netted around 1000€ per day.
Fatal car crash at Camélas – A head-on crash in the early hours of Friday morning on the D615 at Camelas had tragic consequences.  The driver of the first vehicle was taken to hospital suffering very serious injuries, his 26 year-old-passenger died at the scene, and the driver of the second vehicle had to be cut from the car and is also said to seriously injured.
And finally…..
Keep your eyes on the road – as there has been a spate of thefts of manhole and drain covers from communes including Pia, Elne, Bages, and Villeneuve-de-la-Raho.  Police are looking into it….

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