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Motorist crashes through Peage barrier – Late last Monday night, a motorist spotted that police were making checks on vehicles and decided that rather than face any investigation, it would be a good idea to accelerate and crash through the barrier.  Police further ahead used a ‘stinger’ and apprehended him at the Village Catalan area.  Four kilos of cannabis were found in the vehicle and the 20 year old man from Perpignan was arrested.
Gypsy camp fire – Police are investigating the cause of a fire which totally destroyed an illegal Roma gypsy campsite near Porte d’Espagne in Perpignan.  Firefighters battled for 2 hours to put out the flames but their efforts were hampered by the fact that there were several gas cylinders on site.  No serious injuries were reported but 8 shacks have been destroyed and the 14 occupants have had to be rehoused.
Bar shooting in Canet – Parents collecting their children from school on March 18th were shocked to hear two explosions coming from a nearby bar in Canet.  Police rushed to the scene where they found that an argument over a girl had turned into a vicious fight between two men.  One of the men pulled out a pistol and shot his ‘rival’, who in turn slashed him across the face with a knife.  The object of their affection was later found also to be carrying a knife.  All 3 of them are due to attend court.
Death of a young driver from Camelas – A 22 year old man lost control of his vehicle and left the road at the junction of the D612 and D58 in Camelas.  He was thrown from his vehicle and died at the scene.  The cause of the accident is being investigated.
Drug investigation success – An investigation has been continuing following an incident last December when a car sped through a ‘control’ at Le Boulou peage and  the driver and passengers abandoned the vehicle on the A9 and ran off.  Police found 3kg of cannabis resin in the vehicle.  Forensic tests led the police to arrest 3 individuals from Avignon and a 19 year old from Perpignan who had been carrying out regular drug runs for several months.
Celebrations fall flat – Following the announcement of the results of the municipal elections last Sunday evening, the newly-elected mayor was dismayed to find that his car tyres had been slashed.  The same treatment had been applied to several other vehicles in the car park outside the polling station at Corneilla-del-Vercol.  Police are investigating whether this is a politically motivated attack.
Graffitti on Ceret Mairie – Sometime during the early hours of Saturday morning, defamatory remarks about two of the election candidates had been sprayed on the walls of the Mairie in Ceret.  A complaint was immediately lodged, shortly followed by a complaint by another candidate who had received verbal and physical threats.

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