You may well have heard of Laurie Lee’s famous «Cider with Rosie”, a well known A Level lit study in the 60s and 70s, but did you know that it is one of a semi-autobiographical trilogy?

The shameful camps, over crowded, in-humane, crammed to overflowing with desperate Republicans escaping Franco’s Spain seem an unlikely place for art to flourish. But artists were there as can be seen in the Museum in La Jonquera. And they did not go un-noticed in Perpignan either.

Next time you head into the centre of Perpignan, look out for the latest statue, inaugurated last week in front of the FNAC in the place de Catalogne. Originally created in 2000 by artistic duo Sabine et Eric, known as ’Les Pritchards’, the statue was inspired by Dali’s 1965 painting ‘Le mystique de la gare de Perpignan’.

  by Norman Longworth I walked up the Canigou last Saturday Not for the first time I venture to say Each time it gets harder to complete the way Up to the top I drive…

Zip up your leather jacket, roll down the car windows, turn up the volume and rock ‘n roll your way to Collioure’s Musée d’Art Moderne for a joyous take on the music of the 80s. In “La filosofia del plat combinat” (The philosophy of the combination plate) musician and artist Pascal Comelade creates an exhibition full of fun, nostalgia and provocation.

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