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Let us help you to sell or rent your home

Post Brexit, mid Covid or just ready to make a move? Whether buying, selling or renting, (long term & vacation homes/apartments) there still seems to be plenty of demand here in the P-O. We’d love for you to advertise with us and we’ll help you make your next move.

We have some great estate agencies  waiting to hear from you if that’s the path you’ve chosen, but we also offer private advertising in  P-O Life magazine and on the website  as a good option for those people who want to have an initial go at promoting themselves.

The offer is 75€HT for 3 months.

This will include :

  • 1 photo + short text with essential info (up to 50 words) in the magazine
  • Up to 6 photos on your very own mini web page on our excellent website with unlimited text (SEE EXAMPLE HERE) linked to our online directory.
  • Regular shares on our Social Media groups
  • Regular slots in our fresh weekly electronic newsletter


To advertise with us please contact Martine on

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