The Boy from the Back Streets of Bolton, Norman Longworth


This is the story of a journey. Many journeys in fact. The voyage of a boy born to a working class family in Bolton, Lancashire and one of the first Beveridge boys after the second world war. It is an autobiographical account of his attempt to make a difference for millions of people throughout his working life through his books translated into the world’s major languages, his travels through more than 40 countries, his management of major projects for global organisations and his influence on the world of education. He still writes poems, music and books. He is still learning in his 80s.

It is also the story of a girl, similarly born into the working class in the same town, who defied her upbringing to become a first rate midwife and neurological hospital sister, and who still, in her 80s, works for a cancer charity. She is still contributing and learning.

Together they travelled the world. Together they made a difference.

We have sailed across the seas
Horizons new exploring
We have flown to lands afar
Their diversity adoring
We’ve resolved to never stop
Understanding and discerning
We’ve determined to embrace
The universe of Learning

We have tried to open minds
All people educating
We have travelled arounf the world
Their cities activating
In the fight for education
The battle’s always burning
We’ve endeavoured to create
A world of people learning

For humanity’s sake, For democracy’s sake
For the planet’s sake



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