According to the Indépendant, many camp sites around the region are charging visitors who pop in to see campers as much as 3, 50 euros per person! It seems that a Perpignan family who came to visit friends from Northern France who had rented a mobile
on a camp site in Barcarès, were ‘taxed’ for the privilege of staying two hours. Arriving at 18h, they explained that they had no intention of swimming or playing tennis but were obliged nevertheless to pay 7€. It seems that this is becoming a common (and legal) practice. The campsite authorities explained “Tant que la piscine est ouverte, chaque visiteur se voit dans l’obligation d’acheter un bracelet d’entrée. C’est pareil pour tout le monde”
What do you think about this? A reasonable rule or a scam for making a few extra euros?

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