I was chatting to the owner of a small ‘alimentation’ in a local village and he told me how difficult times are for small shop owners, not just at the moment, but most of the time. So how can we help?

Competition from the big supermarkets, on-line sales, price rises, long hours, customer expectations  puts non-stop pressure on them. Many open early, close late, open Sundays and bank hols and still struggle to keep head above water.

Soooooooo…we thought it would be nice to publish a few articles about our local village shop/shops but written by you. Chat with them, take a few photos, write a short, medium or long piece on who they are, how they came to be there, what they sell….anything really just to give the small shopkeepers a bit of visibility and recognition.

You don’t have to be J K Rowling. Just write as you feel.

It will also be a good exercise in confidence for French learners.

What to ask? Well, it’s totally up to you but here are a few suggestions.

Êtes-vous originaire de la region?
Where are you from originally

Si oui (if yes)
Vous êtes Catalan de souche?
Are you Catalan born and bred?

Si non (if no)
Vous êtes d’où?
Where are you from?

Pourquoi êtes vous venu dans la région?
What made you move here?

Depuis combien de temps travaillez-vous ici
How long have you been working here

Depuis combien d’années votre magasin est-il ouvert?
How long has the shop been open?

Depuis combien de temps avez-vous créé votre entreprise?
When did you set up your business?

Que faisiez-vous avant?
What did you do before this?

Est-ce une entreprise familiale?
Is it à family business?

Quelles sont vos heures d’ouverture?
What are your opening hours?

Vendez vous des spécialités/produits locaux?
Do you sell any spécialités/local produce?

Offrez-vous un service de livraison?
Do you offer a delivery service?

Qu’est-ce que la pandémie a changé pour vous et votre magasin?
What has Covid changed for you and your shop?

Quels sont les atouts/avantages des petits magasins?
What are the pluses/advantages of a small shop?

Interested? No deadline, just when you can, and then send to us here at P-O Life by email on info@anglophone-direct.com (And don’t forget the photos)

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