by Cindy Guilbert

Cherry trees are the last to blossom and the first to bear fruit. As the pink of the peach flowers fade and fall, a white lace spreads itself over the cherry orchards.

cherry blossom

By May, the first case of luscious ripe red fruit is on its way to the President – a long established tradition in Céret, cherry capital of the P.-O.,and probably the whole of France.

As this celebrated tree springs into life, its delicate, fragrant blossoms can be a great addition to your health and well-being.

Their blossoms are special in their own right.  They can be used to decorate deserts, added to jams, chutneys or pickles and make an elegant addition to salads and garnishes.

What’s more, cherry blossom contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can be very beneficial in soothing inflamed and sensitive skin. Add the blossom to your bath water and soak in fragrant luxury.

Cherry blossom also helps to regulate the heart rate, and aids indigestion and constipation.

Put cherry  blossom in a mug and fill with hot water.  Cover and leave to steep for 15 mins for a healthy and refreshing cuppa. …. but remember to leave some on the tree or there’ll be no cherries.

Whilst I am a great believer in natural medicine which can be incorporated into your daily diet to aid health and support your system, I would never recommend that it be substituted for conventional medicine unless your professional medic agrees.

In loving memory of Fiona Sass.

Regular readers of Living off the Land will know of my good friend and herbal medicine partner Fiona Sass who used to write the articles with me.

Fiona Sass

Sadly, my dear friend slipped away on 16th January this year.

A South African who had travelled much of the world, she was intelligent, funny and a natural carer, happy to help others whenever she could.

She seemed to be at her happiest foraging for herbs and flowers to create herbal medicines or swimming and laughing then collapsing on the sand soaking up the sun.

She will be very sadly missed by her international group of family and friends.

She leaves a large *Earth Angel* shaped hole.

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