22 June to 29 September 2013

Contemporary Art with a Smile


By Ellen Turner Hall


The summer exhibition “Jamais 2 sans toi” at the Château de Jau is given over to couples: Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Anne Colomes & Laurent Le Deunff and Eva & Adèle.  The first couple do paintings which exploit  3-D techniques (glasses provided), the second do sculptures  of imaginary landscapes and Eva&Adele do themselves.

With their identical shaven heads, in matching makeup  and elaborate outfits , Eva&Adele’s public  appearances are  performances, as if  to say life is art, as if  to ask  aren’t we all adorable and  ridiculous at the same time?

Kitschy? Yes.  Colourful?  Check.  Self- referential? That’s exactly the point.  But is it art?   Their economy of line and joyful application of colour is reminiscent of Matisse.  On the same canvas Eva&Adele confound landscape with portraiture, just as their couple blurs the definition of gender. Here are two artists working as one, themselves unable to tell where one’s work ends and the other’s begins. “It’s a mystery,” they say in unison.

Their two heads make a heart: printed, embossed, engraved or painted on each of their works. Eva&Adele turn the usual obscurities and difficulties of contemporary art into images that amaze and delight. Go -in 2s – and see for yourselves.

“Jamais 2 sans toi” from 22 June to 29 September.


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