Driving through Spain?


LATEST: In a rather quick turn  around, the Spanish governement has announced that speed limits on the motorways will return to 120km/h from 1st July!


Heading down the motorway to Girona or Barcelona?

Beware! The Spanish governement has announced special measures to ward off the threat of an energy crisis, by reducing its national speed limit on  motorways  from 120km/h to 110km/h, taking effect from March 7th, 2011. The limit will be imposed for as long as necessary. Further speed reductions for urban areas are also in the pipeline.

Deputy Prime Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said this week. “We’re going to go slower and use less petrol and it’s going to cost us less money. Although there is no risk to oil supplies at present, but we must take measures to save energy and lighten the energy burden that could result from the crisis in north Africa.”

Other measures include cutting the ticket prices of commuter andshort distance rail tickets  by 5%,  saving  energy in public buildings and  roads by using low-consumption light bulbs, and reducing the use of  cars for officials.

Amendments to road signs are estimated to cost approximately €250,000 but the initiative is ultimately estimated to save €1.4 billion per year. Much of  this will no doubt be covered by more speeding penalties, which are expected to be harsh, and applied with vigour!

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