Forget BOGOFs and other hooks to promote multi-buys. A new law, set to take affect in the first week of February ’19 aims to improve life and living for the farmers and producers of our daily bread by giving them the fair deal that they haven’t had in the past. But it could be at a cost to an already stretched public.

La loi Agriculture et Alimentation states as its three main objective:

  • payer le juste prix aux producteurs, pour leur permettre de vivre dignement de leur travail ;
  • renforcer la qualité sanitaire, environnementale et nutritionnelle des produits ;
  • favoriser une alimentation saine, sûre et durable pour tous.

    – fair
    pour leur permettre – to allow them to
    renforcer – reinforce
    favoriser – promote
    alimentation – diet/nutrition
    saine – healthy
    sûre – safe
    durable – lasting

One of the aims is to make sure that supermarket or shop promotions don’t lead to the supplier also losing out: they should still receive the full price. Many food shops will therefore make less profit on fresh products such as meat, fish, milk, fruit and vegetables.

So whilst the law does not suggest that supermarkets increase their prices, it insists that they should not sell products to consumers for less than what they are worth, that they should sell agricultural products at a fair price.

It is estimated that prices for some products could rise by an average 5% and 6% or more.

loi alimentation

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