Life in France can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, particularly when legal aspects rear their head, and paperwork needs attending to.

Buying property, making a will, divorce procedures, planning permission, setting up a business and a range of other questions and problems can often cause a lot of head scratching and sleepless nights.

rules and etiquette

A useful site to help with understanding French rules and regulations is the English language section of the Notaires de France website.

There is a range of information, laid out in a very simple style,  easy to navigate with a mine of tips and advice.

The site is split into four main sections:

  • family
  • home
  • estate
  • business

with detailed information beneath these, and questions such as…..

  • Do you have to go to the notary to get married?
  • Can I rent an outbuilding located in my garden?
  • How to sell a property located abroad remotely?
  • Becoming a self-entrepreneur: how to open a micro-business?
  • Home loan refused: is credit with a co-borrower possible?.

Even if you do eventually have to go to a notaire to sort out your legal problem, at least you will have been able to read up a bit of background beforehand, which could be  a great help.

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