Warning from French Police

“Driving home down a country road one evening  I saw a child in a car seat on the roadside, covered with a blanket. I can not explain why, but I did not stop, even though I felt bad about it. When I arrived, I phoned the police who agreed to check it out, but explained that is was likely to be a scam.”

Gangs of thieves are constantly developing new schemes to rob and mug. Some gangs work by finding ways to stop cars (especially women)  on quiet roads.

One scenario:
One way is to place a car seat at the roadside,  usually  near a wood or  fields, with a fake baby sitting in it. If a woman stops, she could well be  robbed, dragged into the woods, beaten, raped. Men have also been  violently beaten, and robbed.

Do not stop under any circumstances!
Call 112 as soon as possible, and give details of where and what, BUT DO NOT SLOW DOWN

Another common scenario:
If you are driving at night and  eggs are thrown at your windscreen, DO NOT STOP, EVEN IF YOU CANT SEE WELL. Do not turn on  your wipers either, as  washer fluid or even  water will make the windscreen worse when mixed with egg.


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