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Drugs haul in Perpignan

Following a long investigation into drug trafficking between Spain and France, police received information from the gendarmerie of Cergy-Pontoise of an imminent illegal delivery.  After surveillance and monitoring they caught a man receiving goods into a barn in a ‘suburb of Perpignan’.  In addition to the 810kg of cannabis resin, the gendarmes found several weapons, including a Kalashnikov, and 34,000€ in cash.

Teenagers arrested for car jacking

Three youths assaulted a 77 year-old woman in the Hyper-Casino car-park in Canet, and then stole her car.  The next day the Gendarmes spotted the car, which had been involved in an accident at Sainte-Marie-La Mer.  The 16 year old driver fled on foot but was arrested, together with his two suspected accomplices in Perpignan – aged 17 and 14.

Confinement controversy

The French government have ordered that all restaurants, bars and ‘non-essential’ shops close for one month.  Louis Aliot, the Mayor of Perpignan, is defying this ban stating that it is totally unfair that you can buy a man’s shirt in a supermarket but not in a small shop in the town centre, and has decreed that small shops can stay open if they wish.  Other mayor’s have also followed suit, namely Pia, Claira and Ille-sur-Tet.

Pre-confinement traffic chaos

Last Thursday, the day before a one-month lockdown started, the roads throughout France were practically grid-locked with people stocking up on supplies – and particularly in the direction of Andorra where people queued for hours for their cigarettes and alcohol.  The situation was not helped by the fact that the fair-ground ride owners from Foire St Martin decided to hold a ‘snail’ protest (slow-drive) on the A9, which meant it was essentially closed in both directions, causing traffic to choke the roads around Perpignan.

Man crushed by tractor

A 70 year old man from Pezilla-la-Rivière was driving his tractor when for as yet unknown reasons, he lost control and the tractor over-turned and he was trapped underneath it.  Fire-fighters had to lift the tractor to rescue the seriously injured man, who received cardiac massage before being evacuated to hospital in the Dragon 66 helicopter.

Hikers rescued from Pic Carlit

Pyrénées Cerdagne

3 students set off to climb the mountain on Tuesday afternoon and ended up lost in the fog on their way down.  They called emergency services at 7.30pm and a helicopter dropped off 2 gendarmes but could not get any closer due to the fog and snow falling.  The gendarmes managed to find the students, clinging to a particularly steep area, and equipped them with harnesses and ropes so they were able to abseil down certain passages and by midnight were safe in a tent at the foot of the Carlit.

Fatal accident on Canet road


A 35 year old man was killed and 2 other people were seriously injured in a car accident on the D617 (Canet – Perpignan road) on Monday evening.  Apparently a car broke down on the dual-carriageway and was struck from behind by a second vehicle.

And finally…

The Perpignan Mairie have announced that all on-street parking will be free for the next month.  This is a wonderful gesture on their part – considering that restaurants, bars and most shops have been ordered to close!

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