His heart in her mouth

Lord Guillaume de Cabestany was a troubadour, soldier, poet…..and lover of Saurimonde, wife of Raimond de Castell-Rossello and subject of many of his poems.

So angry and jealous was Raimond, that he killed poor Guillaume, ripped out his heart, and had it cooked and fed to his wife at dinner.

When she heard what he had done, she told him that the taste of Guillaume was so good that it would remain in her mouth forever and threw herself off the tower to her death.

The king of Aragon, Alphonse II, had Raimond put to death for his wrongdoing, confiscated his lands and castle and gave them to the parents of Guillaume and Saurimonde.

He also arranged for the two lovers to be buried in the same tomb in front of the église Saint Jean, in Perpignan

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