Monday 28th December

Well here we are with Christmas a whole month behind us and where has the time gone? I seem to have been washing bedding and cleaning since I don’t know when. I keep meaning to get out on my skis but always find an excuse not to go. I think since my fall before Christmas I have been a nervous wreck.

Some people just float down, gliding through the snow as though they have wings, while I scratch my way down, the “eternal beginner”. “Lessons don’t give you courage” my friend said the other day. And he is right. I know a slug of gin would probably do the trick but I don’t want to be carted off the slopes for being drunk in charge of a pair of skis.

The slopes are beautifully empty at this time of year in the week and I would have the place virtually to myself but still I think of other things I can be doing.

We have had a friend staying with us for a couple of weeks and have been reminiscing about times gone by. He lives in Guernsey now but was brought up in Yorkshire and we were laughing today about buying sliced ham years ago. The time when your Gran would ask for two slices of ham thinly cut and would send it back if it was too thick. We have thought about Black Jacks and Fruit Salad sweets and he brought with him ½ lb of Pontefract cakes just to set us all off on our thoughts of times gone by.

I was thinking about “wellie legs” Your knee socks would roll down and your wellies would slap the back of your calf and you’d have big red marks. These days kids have lovely quilted boots and will have new memories.

Lillie is still growing and has become quite a star in the village. Because she is so gentle the children love to have their photo taken with her and so it takes me forever to get through to the bread shop. She travels up on the telecabin and is known by the staff who call her by name. There is also another Pyrenean Mountain dog who lives at the Chalet restaurant. They have been eyeing each other up all winter with not too much problem, the odd growl is all we have had thank goodness.

My friend Netta sent me a gardening magazine about growing veg. Now I am all fired up to get out and do my veg patch but the ground is rock solid. I am fancying some sort of polytunnel and have spent hours browsing web sites on the different varieties you can buy. Do I buy one with three layers or five layers? Do I have a metal frame or a plastic one? Gosh, I had never realised how many there are available. I just thought it would be hoops with plastic. Nope….it’s all very scientific now and not for the faint hearted.

A few weeks back we had an Antique Fair in the village and of course we went to have a browse. How do they carry those enormous pieces of furniture around. There were some huge armoires which must have weighed a ton. Huge sideboards and gigantic chandeliers. I would be have dead with terror at the very thought of moving them. Although I heard that things sold quite well and it was worth while them coming, at least the cash would pay for the bills for the hernia ops afterwards.

I think it is time for a cuppa so I wish you farewell for now


Mountain Mama

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