1. Events concerning the Ermitage de St Ferreol. Ceret.
    If I were to write a book about our Mr Hoffman no one would believe it but truth (or reality) is certainly stranger than any fictitious tales I could dream up. Following the third weekend of continuous music or rather boom boom boom round the clock for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights plus laser beams and other frivolities from our neighbors you must forgive me if I write somewhat starry eyed and bemused by recent proceedings.
    Last week I went to collect my post to find a cow tethered to our postbox. Not daring to get out of the car for fear of being kicked I moved on down to our neighbor to ask if he knew where the cow had come from. On arrival there was no one around except my route on the piste blocked by a large ram with two sheep. Clearly Mr Hoffman had either changed his appearance or decided to create a farmyard by the side of our ancient monastery. Not finding our neighbor I returned to our villa to find the cow had chewed through its tether and was wondering loose, a danger for strollers or those visiting our local beauty spot so I reported this to the Gendarmerie to be greeted with peels of laughter on the other end of the phone. As far as we knew it was wondering around our terrain for the following day but we did see a police car coming away from Mr Hoffmans cadastra later and a friend told me she had seen the cow being led down the main road by its cord and wondered if I knew what was happening. The sheep seem to have disappeared also.
    Following this weekends rave, all three nights long, I received a caller returning my camper van battery which was taken by Hoffman last September and he wanted 100 euros for its return. I took the battery but told him I did not need to pay 100 euros for its return. What kind of logic is this?
    We have locked the battery in our home for fear that if placed in our van they could drive our camper van away next.
    I have reported these shindigs to the Mairie to be told it is not for them to be caught up in disputes between neighbors so we must report it to the Gendarmerie with a written statement. Having in the past made written statements about the illegal commercialism concerning our local raves and still they continue, I see no hope yet for an end to these tales as the Gendarmerie it seems are powerless to do anything about this.
    Apart from the absurd hilariousness of these events has anyone any suggestions as to what we do next? Our neighbors son and family with a two year old baby were here a week ago and their home is next door to Erwin Hoffman’s cadastra. They got no sleep and their windows shook with vibration all night from the continuous music. The owner of this home,his mother, is coming out for Easter week and as a lawyer in the U.K. it will be interesting to see how she deals with this problem as there is bound to be a week long party round the clock celebrating a public holiday again. Our area is supposed to be for residential purposes only but is now a déchèterie, à farmyard, a commercial discotheque, a factory for renovating old cars and a den for drugs with beautiful cannabis cakes for sale. It also provides free toilets behind the bushes everywhere yet the authorities are powerless to stop it.
    Of course, if anyone cares to buy our home with the surrounding entertainment it provides please contact us privately.

  2. During covid have not done much and feel I need some pointers to quicken up my recovery and stepping out into a renewed life awaiting me out there in South France n Catalunya..with P-O Life’s help.

  3. Thank you for signing me in and regards from Germany. For 21 years we spend holidays near Elne and I should have discovered the newsletter earlier. We really enjoy it and hope to find more useful information.

  4. Thank you Olive. So glad you enjoyed the newsletter. 🙂

  5. I really enjoy reading the weekly newsletter. Testing my French with the competitions ( so – so) and finding all sorts of interesting facts and information.
    Keep up the good work.

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