Oh Jesus!

Despite opposition from the mayor, Jésus Moreno will go ahead with the official opening of the ‘biggest brothel in Europe’ on October 21 in La Jonquera

Since its legalization in 2002, prostitution has grown out of all proportion in
South Catalonia, setting the scene for the opening of this megabrothel, ‘Le Paradise’, the largest in the entire European Union, with around 100 bedrooms and two large reception rooms and 200 prositutes.

Since last June, when La Jonquera announced stiff fines (no pun intended) of up to 3000 euros
for prostitutes, and their clients conducting their business in public, open air activity has reduced by 80%. Many gentlemen caught in flagrante delicto (in the act) have chosen to pay large fines on the spot for some strange reason, rather than wait for the detailed bill to arrive at their home!
The largest percentage of La Jonquera clients (not counting the truckers) apparently travel from North Catalonia.
The argument for an establishment of this size is that it gets the ladies off the streets.

New sex ‘hypermarket’ in La Jonquera

The go-ahead has been given this week for the continuation of the construction of a large supermarket-style brothel in La Jonquera. The building of Mas Morató, which was halted in 2006 due to pressure from the mayor regarding potential safety and traffic problems, can already be seen on the main road in the south of La Jonquera. Planning includes rooms for 558 ‘guests’. The owner, Jésus Moreno , who owns similar establishments, was arrested in May 2008 for his part in the alleged network forcing Brazilian women into prostitution, through force and intimidation, but has been granted building permission despite this.

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