P-O Life Arts Anthology

In times of crisis, we turn to the arts.

Picasso’s Guernica, McCrae’s In Flanders’ Fields, even Newton’s discovery of gravity… times of hardship give rise to great creativity and we’re sure that our current situation is no different!

Each week we publish YOUR artistic offerings based on a chosen theme.

Check out the previous themes of FREEDOM and WATER, they really are worth a look!

And again, this week, we have some wonderful creations to share with you based around the theme of COURAGE. Enjoy!

Words (anonymous)

Powerful words.
The mighty voice destroys
All silence.
Fragile moments quiver in fear.
Eyes so tender without sound.
Silence is a patient friend
when noisy tears subside.
You get used to it.
Plants know.
They grow and blossom
in silence.

Three bears by Caroline Papworth

The cannon roars.
Three bears descend the fort.
No porridge for these bears
begrimed and sooty in sheep’s clothing
these bears prefer blondes.

A final flurry of winter
greets the bears
and chases spring.
These bears chase people
imprinting them with sooty paws.
They say these bears prefer blondes.

Bears chased, caught, enchained and shaved.
The town saved.
Spring triumphs and
hand in hand besootted people dance.
History repeated. All are touched.
Who says these bears prefer blondes?

(Inspired by La fete de l’ours, Prats de Mollo)

Irena Gapkovska

Irena says: This piece is entitled AUT VIAM INVENIAM AUT FACIAM (I will either find a way, or make one!). The quote is attributed to the Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca during the second Punic war (218–201 BC).  Hannibal was famous for invading Italy from the North, having marched to the Rhone from the Pyrenees with an army of 50,000 infantry, 9,000 cavalry and 37 war elephants!

Just you (anonymous)

It takes a fracture, a fissure,
To make you choose your side,
To re-evaluate your priorities,
Without ego, without pride.

When your life falls in to turmoil,
When others force your hand,
That’s when you find your power,
That’s when you find you can

Be all you hoped and wished for
Everything and more,
No compromise,
No sacrafice,
Just You : real, true and pure.


All readers, whatever your medium or ability, are invited to send us your musings by email to laura@anglophone-direct.com, and they will be published in the following week’s newsletter.

We’re looking for poetry, drawings, paintings, short stories, sculptures, embroidery, music recordings or even face painting!!

The only rule is that the work must be YOUR OWN (if you prefer to remain anonymous, just let us know!)

Extra marks if your creation is P-O related, of course!

Let’s keep the creative juices flowing, share a little beauty with our fellow readers and who knows, perhaps launch a budding career or two?!

So if you’ve been inspired by this week’s collection, pick up you your paint brush, get out the guitar and send over your work before 12pm Tuesday 21st April.

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