Pull up a basket, snuggle down into your cushion, grab a box of tissues – and read the heart warming/heart breaking story of the retired English teacher and his psychologist wife who have opened up the doors of their Dordogne home to thirty old, sick or disabled dogs. Paws Before Bedtime tells how this incredible couple, Mike and Leeanne Whitley, have dedicated the last twelve years to rescuing over three hundred dogs in need.

This 260-page biography explains how and why Leeanne and Mike set up Twilight, the ups and downs of daily life with over thirty ‘puddings’, and some very special dog stories. Discover the magic of Twilight – the retirement home for dogs, where the old, sick, lame and unwanted spend their final years, months or days in an oasis of love and tranquillity.

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“This book is one every animal lover should own; it is humbling, inspiring, and just simply wonderful.”
Susan Keefe

“I received the book yesterday and it is beautiful! It encompasses the very essence of Twilight and the love so many supporters have for these valiant doggies that have had such heartbreaking lives so far. It also pays homage to Mummy and Daddy Twilight who have dedicated their lives and their home to give the Puddings love and care until the end of their days. They continue despite having their own set-backs and I am sure there must be days when they just want to turn over in the morning and go back to sleep! Their legion of Twilighters will always be there for them – they just have to ask. If you haven’t ordered your book yet I would urge you to do so – it is funny, sad, amusing and above all uplifting – all that is best about mankind”

“It’s a true insight into how Twilight evolved, and shows the true, unselfish love 2 amazing people have for the dogs that many would have put to sleep!”

If you’re not much of a reader, but would like to help Twilight anyway, donations are always welcome….. but so are towels, bedding and blankets, and your ‘pièces jaunes’ loose change that you pull out of your pockets and purses every day,

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