Verbalisation par vidéosurveillance


Starting from Monday 21st May 2012


APRIL 2012

VideosurveillanceMore and more cameras have appeared over the past couple of years in Perpignan and today the conseil municipal votes on the funding of 14 new ones, and the replacement of another 20, considered obsolete. 

Their main aim is to fight crime and identify trouble makers, but these cameras will now also be used to hand out parking fines for parking on zebra crossings, double parking, use of bus lanes etc identified on central screens.

Warning signs will be set up at the end of the road with ‘verbalisation par vidéosurveillance‘. Offenders will be fined ‘at the discretion’ of the police officer on the other side of the camera, who will decide whether to send the pictures  to the processing centre in Rennes. Offenders will receive a ticket in the post within 4-5 days.

Responding to public outcry, mayor Jean-Marc Pujol retorted “C’est une histoire de faux-culs. Oui, on voit à l’écran des gens dans la rue. Je préférerais qu’il n’y ait pas besoin de caméras et qu’il n’y ait pas d’incivilité, aucun problème de vie”.

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