Proj’aide 66

The association Proj’aide 66 was created in 2018 with the aim of raising money for charity.

Via craft markets, Christmas markets, themed events, concerts and more, they support medical and personal projects for both adults and children.

Money raised at their events is not donated as cash, but used to buy essential tools and materials, including recently 15 remote-controlled electric carts for local hospitals.

They also use funds to support refugees or to organise fun days for nursing home residents and children suffering from medical conditions.

All in all, the association’s members throw their hearts and souls into bringing a bit of happiness to those who need it most.

Next market

Saturday 2Oth – Sunday 21st April
Salle Pons, Saint Cyprien
80’s themed!

A little out of Saint Cyprien centre, so more relaxed, less crowded, and safe for the kids to run around, sit on the dock in the bay (no tide rolling in though) in one of several café restaurants in Les Capellans.

Parking is easy (though less so in August) and there are some great takeaway shops if you want to eat elsewhere: an excellent fishmonger, butcher, veggie shops, supermarket, souvenirs, bread, cheese… and of course Proj’aide 66.

Each Wednesday, the Capellans business owners support the association by holding a small morning market, where stall holders pay a small contribution in return for selling their wares.

They also organise regular craft markets.

For more info

Tel: 06 03 63 92 65



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