Confit de Banyuls….with Martyn

You will see this around in tiny pots at 5 Euros plus a pop, a  kind of jelly, made with Banyuls wine, sugar and pectin. It’s excellent with Roquefort, hard sheep cheeses and foie gras. Try it on toast, drizzle it nouvelle-cuisine-style on or around hot or cold meat to give a fruity taste, or just eat off the spoon.

confit de banyuls

You can make it cheaply by buying a litre of out-of-the-barrel Banyuls at your local bottle shop, and adding a kilo of sugar and 1.5 packets of Vitpris, the only pectin I’ve found in French supermarkets. Ordinary French pectinated sugar (eg confisuc) is not strong enough without more pectin because you are basically asking water to set.

Bring to the boil, boil for about 5 minutes (in a big pan), and stick in pots. About 6 “bonne maman” size pots for 8-9 Euros. I don’t know whether it needs added acid, but I stick in the juice of a lemon for luck.

Because there are no solids at all, it can set a bit unevenly. Shake the jars from time to time as it cools. Stick a little paper mob-cap on it and give it away, or just eat it yourself.

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