The famous bell tower of Collioure has finally been unveiled again.  Work continues on the church, which is expected to be finished by the end of 2026, at a total cost of six million euros.

UPDATE JAN 23 2023

The imposing scaffolding, that has scarred  the bell tower during renovations will soon be taken down and the famous round tower will be restored to its old but updated self in February 2023. Work will continue however on the interior and the reinstallation of the four bells, two of which were recently classified historic monuments.

The church and the bell tower of Collioure are iconic landmarks of the village, the department, the region, the country and known around the world.

The history and uniqueness of the church and bell tower, as well as the radiant sunlight in the area have inspired many artists including Henri Matisse, Andre Derain and others.

Collioure church and bell tower

For a number of years, no significant work has been done to preserve these structures.

In January, after the long slog of obtaining all the proper authorisations from the different levels of government, the village of Collioure  launched ‘réhabilitation’ work that will last four to five years.

Collioure church and bell tower

The scope of the project includes the interior and the exterior of the church and the bell tower. The eight exterior buttresses, some of them in a very degraded state, are also part of the project.

The cost of this project is estimated at 4.5 million, with €. 80 % of the cost  being picked up by the different levels of government. The remaining 20% must be taken on by the Mairie de Collioure.

L’Association Internationale du Clocher de Collioure has several objectives including assisting the Mairie in funding this project.

Collioure church and bell tower

You can help with this necessary project by joining the Association and by making a donation, which is eligible for an income tax credit. The membership form is available on the website.


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