[( Sunday 19th September 2010 at 4pm.)]
Riverchurch Healing Service

This Sunday we are holding a healing service, as a church we would like to make opportunity to pray for and offer support for those who are sick, or feel they simply want to draw near to God at this time. All are welcome.

The Service will be held at 4pm at the Centre Chrétien du Roussillon in Perpignan. See our [website-> www.riverchurch.fr] for details.

In his own ministry, Jesus gave high priority to healing the sick. The same concern has always found expression in the ministry of the church by the Holy Spirit of God through prayers for the sick, and the personal love and care offered to sufferers by individual Christians. This ministry is in no sense offered as an alternative to medical care. We believe all healing comes from God, whether brought about by the skill and care of doctors and nurses, through prayer, through sacraments, or through healing words or a healing touch.

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