After already cancelling more than 2,000 routes due to mismanagement of pilot holidays, Ryanair has announced it will scrap 18,000 more flights on 34 routes until March 2018, grounding at least 25 of its 400 planes.


Travelers whose flights have been cancelled will be offered vouchers of £40 one way or £80 return  in order to book alternative flights between October and March 2018.

Under European Passenger Rights legislation, travellers should be able to claim compensation for the cancellations.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, Ryanair has failed in its duty to provide accurate information on its obligations to refund  expenses such as meals, hotel accommodation and transfer costs.

Ryanair has agreed to pay all required flight compensation, a bill expected to rise to nearly £18 million.

Ryanair advise customers to check the email address used to make their booking to be sure of receiving notification, and to check the Ryanair website.

Your flight should operate as scheduled unless you have received a cancellation email. List of flights affected:

Girona airport

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