Symposium Catalan de Sculpture et de peinture
Charity event

In the intimacy of the cloisters of St. Genis des Fontaines,  built from different coloured marble, white from Céret, pink from Villefranche- de-Conflent and black from the Corbières, the imaginations of 13th century sculptors created a series of fanciful men, beasts and plants atop the stone columns. Set against this historical and artistic background, the  Catalan Sculpture symposium will run from 4th – 30th  August.

To promote sculptors and artists living and working in the region as well as famous artists of several nationalities, the Lions Club of St Cyprien organises annual exhibitions. Originally devoted exclusively to sculpture, the exhibition started with Pierre Renard, sculptor and Lions Club member. “For every 60 paintings, only one sculpture is sold”, he told me. “We want to give local artists, without access to the galleries of big urban centres, a chance to be seen.”

This year, 40 artists will exhibit sculptures and paintings in a variety of styles so why not come along and support them? They, in turn, are encouraged to make a donation from their sales, so your purchase will also support a good cause.

The Lions Club, an international charitable organisation, counts 1200 clubs in France. Each year French Lions clubs donate 20 million euros and one million hours to various social causes, ranging from children with leukaemia to adults with Alzheimer’s.

Opening Hours
9.30 am – 12.30pm / 3pm – 7pm

Entry to Cloisters 2€

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