Water Restrictions from 15th June 2021

The prefect for the Pyrenees 0rientales has this week announced special measures for water restriction in the region as water supplies in local reservoirs become dangerously low!

With consumption rising and resources falling, pollution of our water could become a real problem in the future. Water restrictions, in place since 15th June, include amongst other things…

  • the use of water for leisure activities eg filling up swimming pools, although the ‘mise à niveau’ –  small  top ups – is acceptable.
  • washing your car other than in commercial car washes, which may still be used if open.
  • watering lawns.
  • the hosing down of terraces and house fronts other than after building works.
  •  the hosing down of boats and leisure vehicles

Vegetable gardens MAY be watered before 8h and after 22h and flower beds watered manually

Failure to respect these restrictions could result in a fine of several thousand euros. Spot checks could be carried out.

Check out www.pyrenees-orientales.gouv.fr for more details.

Check out the government’s colour coded map of water restrictions in  HERE

With consumption rising and resources falling, pollution of our water could become a real problem in the future. Low ground

ALERTS: Understanding the colour coding of the government water restriction map.

Vigilance : Information et incitation des particuliers et des professionnels à faire des économies d’eau
Encourages public to cut down on water usage where possible.

Alerte : Réduction des prélèvements à des fins agricoles inférieure à 50% (ou interdiction jusqu’à 3 jours par semaine), mesures d’interdiction de manœuvre de vanne, d’activité nautique, interdiction à certaines heures d’arroser les jardins, espaces verts, golfs, de laver sa voiture, …
Farmers should cut down usage bu 50% and a ban on  watering gardens, washing cars etc, at certain times.
Alerte renforcée : Réduction des prélèvements à des fins agricoles supérieure ou égale à 50% (ou interdiction supérieure ou égale à 3,5 jours par semaine), limitation plus forte des prélèvements pour l’arrosage des jardins, espaces verts, golfs, lavage des voitures, …, jusqu’à l’interdiction de certains prélèvements
Similar to yellow (above) but with more severe measure and bans depending on each department.
Crise : Arrêt des prélèvements non prioritaires y compris des prélèvements à des fins agricoles. Seuls les prélèvements permettant d’assurer l’exercice des usages prioritaires sont autorisés (santé, sécurité civile, eau potable, salubrité)
Crisis level. Ban on all non priority usage of water, allowing for only usage for health, security, drinking water…..) 

particuliers – individuals
prélèvements – usage/withdrawal
interdiction – ban



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