Mike & Linda Jones warn us of the ‘trap’ awaiting travellers into France from Spain who are not aware of the change in speed limits. 

“Last year L’Independent published an article detailing the number of “contraventions ” each of the twelve fixed cameras in the PO had registered

The highest number of ” flashes ” were recorded by the camera on the A9 autoroute (direction Spain to Perpignan) which is situated about 2km from the frontier.

This may be due to the relatively higher number of vehicles using that road but it’s also worth noting that, although it is an autoroute, the speed limit on that section is 110km /hr not 130km .

Apparently this was introduced at the same time that the camera was installed, definitely one to watch if you have spent 30 minutes queuing to get through the Douanes into France and then you put your foot down !!

For information the camera is located just after the Viaduc du Pox behind the brown Vallespir sign . Hope this saves a few of your readers a fine and points on their permis “

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