with Martin Bailey

As the evening temperatures continue to decrease and the nights grow longer, it’s definitely time for comforting stews which promote a sense of well-being and contentment, especially since this recipe has the colours of the Catalan flag too! 

Spanish chicken

This recipe has those traits in abundance, and if  you’re wanting something different, then we can recommend this delicious slow cooker dish which, as you’d expect is easy to prepare, full of taste and flavoursome spices, loaded with healthy vegetables too.

Adapt the recipe by adding the vegetables of your choice.  For an extra kick why not chunk a local chorizo and add some more taste.  I used chicken breasts, which retain their moisture, but thighs would work too. 

If you find the sauce is too thin, remember the slow cooker doesn’t allow evaporation, mix the corn flour with a little water and add 20 minutes before cooking finishes.

If you haven’t a slow cooker simply add all the ingredients to a casserole and cook slowly in an low oven.

Serve with rice or crusty bread to mop up those flavours.

Spanish chicken

Ingredients (Serves 6-8)

IMG_3132 (1) 1kg of chicken 

IMG_3132 (1) 1 onion, peeled and chopped finely

IMG_3132 (1) 3 tbsp Curry Pax Taco Seasoning 

IMG_3132 (1) 1 yellow bell pepper

IMG_3132 (1) 1 red bell pepper 

IMG_3132 (1) 3 cloves of garlic, peeled and minced

IMG_3132 (1) 4-5 tomatoes, quartered 

IMG_3132 (1) 1 jar of haricot beans 

IMG_3132 (1) 1 tin of sweetcorn

IMG_3132 (1) 1/2 cup of coriander 

IMG_3132 (1) Salt and pepper to taste 

IMG_3132 (1) (2 tsp corn flour – optional)


1 Add the onion to the slow cooker.
2 Coat the chicken with the taco seasoning and add to the slow cooker along with all the other ingredients.
3 Cook on the low setting for 8 hours.
4 Eat.

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