Have you thought about buying an electric bike or VAE (vélo à assistance électrique)? Well, to encourage you to go green, the state is offering to pay up to 20%!


the deadline of  31st January 2018 has been extended and state aid is still fixed at 20% of the cost of the bicycle (TTC) but can not exceed 200€.

To qualify for State aid, there are 3 conditions:

You must be over 18
You must be resident in France
You must buy an electric bike!

The bicycle must….

….be new
….have electrical assistance that does not use a lead-acid battery;
….be equipped with an electric motor with a maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kilowatts.

NB Once purchased, you can not sell your electric bike within one year of purchase.

To benefit from this assistance,, apply for your refund via the vendor when you purchase your bike.

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