Taxe d’habitation (Residency tax) and audiovisuel public (TV licence) payment deadline

If you do NOT pay the above by direct debit, you have until midnight Monday, November 17th, 2014 to pay. Both are on the same bill.

Some bills however, amongst which ‘maisons secondaires,’ may be received later in the year, with a payment deadline of 15th December 2014.

To check your taxe d’habitation on line, visit, click on ‘Mon espace Particulier’, log in and click on the link ‘Consulter ma situation fiscale personnelle’, then  “Mes Documents”

If you do not have a television, you should tick the box  ‘ORA’ on the first page of your French  tax return, which will exempt you from paying the ‘audiovisuel public’ (also known as la redevance).

For 2014, the TV licence contribution is 133 Euros.

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