Warning: Beware of the ‘Loi Nome’

Beware of a new law that threatens to cause your electric bill to sky-rocket: the Loi Nome (Nome Law). It will pass in January 1st 2011 and applies to all home owners and co-owners.

Despite opening up the market to other electricity providers, more than 96 % of electricity users have remained faithful to EDF – so the government has decided to create some artificial competition!

As a result of this new law, EDF will have to sell up to 25% of its electricity to its competitors, in order to create this market. The problem? You‘ve already paid for the EDF for their service, and you’ll be the ones lining the pockets of their competitors.

In some areas, EDF are intending to install new metres at the outrageous cost of 300 €. You are advised to refuse to sign any document regarding the installation of a new meter. Your signature on any document (including a simple work order) may automatically allow for the installation. EDF cannot be denied access to the meters, but if you haven’t requested the change, you cannot be forced to pay for something you haven’t requested in the first place.

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Translated by [Lydia Sanchez->Lydia Sanchez dreamitdareit@yahoo.com]

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